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  • Jenny:

    It’s been 13 years since our now-grown son joined Crossroads, and we wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the impact you and your standards, your moral code, your training and your example had on him.

    We were so sure of ourselves before he became a teenager, and thought we were really fine parents. Suddenly we had a snarling stranger in our house with a face that looked like ours. How quickly we fell from feeling powerful and in charge to powerless and confused.

    “Here,” we said to you when he came to the program, “we trust you with the work we’ve done so far; work we thought was pretty good, but now no longer have confidence in.” And you got him, just at the time that was most important for him as he stepped into manhood. Our tentacles didn’t reach that far anymore. Who knew then that we were putting him in exactly the right hands?

    From you he got joshing and love, he learned how to hold the heart and help it heal, he was worked damn’ near to death, he got no-nonsense supervision, he learned how to be terrified and do it anyway, how to make hard choices. He learned what he stood for, and had a place to turn when he wondered about that. He had a family of fellow travelers who precisely understood him and who were always interested in how he was growing. He had a spiritual home.

    He went on to counselor training and to work for The Cornerstone Program. He learned about being honorable, doing what you say you’re gonna do, being honest when it doesn’t look so great for you, doing his share and more, doing what it takes to get the job done. He got many chances to stretch his creativity, to work on a screwy team that made something screwy work.

    You were far from perfect, and I realize he didn’t come to you as an empty slate. He brought a lot of what he is into the program, but who knows how he’d have grown without your care and influence? We’re so proud of the man he’s become, and are 150% certain a lot of that is because of you. We are constantly grateful as we see him go in a new life direction, how he makes choices, how he approaches responsibility, how he carries a pretty terrific heart with him. You share in the successes he’s building. His foundation began with us, continued with you.

    So, thank you, from the bottom of our little parental hearts. We are forever in your debt.

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